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Secure Your Rails App with Devise Gem

Authentication is a crucial part of most web applications. Instead of building everything from scratch, Rails developers can use the Devise gem, a powerful and flexible tool for handling user authentication. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through setting up and using Devise in your Rails app. What is Devise? Devise is a gem […]
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Compare “Strings” And :Symbols In Ruby

In this blog we are going to know about A lot of  programming languages don’t have symbols, they only have strings . Other languages use strings as identifiers as well as storing data. In ruby this logic is split into two types, symbols as identifiers and strings are used for working with data. What are […]
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Introduction to some Interesting gems!

Hey Guys, Reading an open source project code improve your coding capabilities. It enhances your technical knowledge and code vocabulary. You may found some new coding design patterns as well. Today I am going to share some interesting gems which I found in that project. I have also created a demo app using some of those […]
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Integrating Vue JS with Ruby on Rails application

Vue is a progressive framework for building user interface. In this article we are going to integrate Vue JS in our Ruby on Rails application. If you noticed, we have passed vue as webpack option. This configuration option is provided by webpacker gem. There are many opther options available. You can find there here If […]
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New features introduced in Ruby 2.7

In this article we are going to review the new features released with Ruby 2.7.0-preview1 last month. There are three major features released last month. 1. Compaction GC This new feature has improved memory space allocation for your Ruby code. It defragment the fragmented memory space. Sometimes your multithread application causes fragmentation which degrades your […]
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